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President’s message

Importance of building relationships across Europe

Over 300 health managers attend Dublin AGORA

Organisational innovation in hospitals and healthcare was the main topic of the 2017 HOPE AGORA, HMI President, Lucy Nugent said when she opened the three day event in Trinity College, Dublin, which was attended by over 300 health managers. Maureen Browne reports on AGORA 2017.

Invaluable training and experience across Europe

The President of HOPE, Dr. Sara Pupato Ferrari, said the HOPE Exchange Programme offered health managers the opportunity to receive invaluable training and experience across Europe and get a better understanding of the organisation of hospitals in the different countries.

Two digital Irish maternity hospitals

Ireland has two digital hospitals delivering maternity services with two more coming on line shortly, Richard Corbridge, HSE Chief Information Officer and Chief Executive, Officer, eHealth Ireland and Maria O’Loughlin, Adviser eHealth Ireland told the AGORA.

Innovation supports for healthcare

Enterprise Ireland supported and drove innovation in healthcare, and our life sciences sector included a leading global cluster of over 500 companies with world-class researchers, Deirdre Glenn, Enterprise Ireland told the AGORA.

Ireland’s hospital centric model of care must be changed

Most health services have a hospital centric model of care which has to be changed to provide patients with the right services in the right place at the right time, in the way users want them, Dr. Áine Carroll National Director Clinical Strategy and Programmes Division, HSE, told the AGORA.

HOPE Vice-President

Mrs. Eva Weinreich-Jensen, Vice-President of HOPE and HOPE Governor for Denmark chaired the first session of the AGORA, where HOPE Exchange managers reported on...

Producing better medical and financial results

Poland, National Coordinator, Mr. Bogusław Budiński The presenters were Krista Vapper, Clinical Director, Estonia, Ana Aldea-Perona, CTU Coordinator Spain, Ieva Damberga, Clinical Nurse Latvia and Jani Korpela, Head Nurse, Finland.

New style rehabilitation centres

Lithuania, National Coordinator, Mrs. Davia Zagurskiene The presenters were Stephanie Miklau, Head of Occupational Health and Safety Management Vienna Hospital Association, Social Medical Center East, Danube Hospital and Maria Saenz Jalon, Nurse; Operating Theatre, Marques de Valdecilla-Santander University Hospital, Associated Teacher at University of Cantabria.

Tackling malnutrition and quality improvements

Ireland, National Coordinator, Mr. Eamonn Fitzgerald. The presenters were Gillian Colville, Marvin Buskens, Helle Kjaer Hvidtfeldt, Isabel Ingoyen, Kai Janisch and Benoit Moumet.

Parking discs to prevent pressure sores

Sweden, National Coordinator, Mr. Erik Svanfeldt. The presenters were Marilisa Corso, Heli Niskala, Michelle Watts, Sigrun Kauertz, Maria Pilar Munoz Munoz andSjoerd Walburg.

Hospitalisation at home

France, National Coordinator, Mr. Cédric Arcos The team which went to France visited Nancy, Niort, Poitiers, Troyes and Rouen.

Tools for patient safety

Switzerland, National Coordinator, Mrs. Erika Schütz. The presenters were Vilma Raskelienne, Lidia Rodriguez, Gerdsja van Breemen, Julia Morgenbesser and Jouko Saramies and Katariina Jantunen.

Turning red days into green days

United Kingdom, National Coordinator, Mrs Tracy Lonetto The presenters were Rikke Gravlev Poulsen, Denmark, Caroline Lancian, Germany, Kerstin Hinz, Sweden, Antonio Garcia Blanco, Spain, Fariza Hassam Habibi, Portugal, Tuija Ikonen, Finland, Gerda Reithofer, Austria and Roman Lewandowski, Poland.

Informational personal data highway

Austria, National Coordinator, Mrs Gertrud Fritz. Exchange Participants - Ewa Jasinska, Poland, Sanita Kandele, Latvia, Salla Koivunen, Finland, Jose Antonio Reinaldo, Spain, Eveline Scheve, Netherlands and Carina Schürmann, Germany.

Learning in an interactive way

Netherlands, National Coordinator, Mr. Hans De Boer. The Netherlands presenters were Dr. A.S. Janssen and A.S.V. Adriaansz.

Technology integrated into care systems

Spain, National Coordinator, Mrs. Asunción Ruiz de la Sierra. The presenters were Diogo Branco, Portugal, Leena Makela, Finland, Erik Smith, United Kingdom, Renato Magalhães, Portugal, Andreas Kuchenbecker Germany, Erika Hernekamp, Germany, Michael Ryl, Switzerland, Nikos Proestakis, Greece Gita Birstina, Latvia, Aili Laasner, Estonia, Marie Audoin, France and André Bexiga, Portugal.

GPs gatekeepers of Emergency Departments

Denmark – The National Coordinator is Mr. Bertil Selde Krogh. The presenters were Minna Alhonen, Hospital and Facility Designer and Coordinator, Finland, Iwona Mazur, CEO, Poland, Taina Sneck-Siekkinen, Assistant Head Nurse, Finland, Michela Bottega, Nursing Manager, Italia, Rosa Amora Vas, Director of Quality Management, Portugal, Carole Thibaut-Jobe, Hospital Manager, France, Susana Gómez Leyva, Head of Patient & Citizenship Assistance Service, Spain, Severina Dominquez, Medical Doctor, Head of Department, Spain, Stefanie Kolada, Financial Controller, Germany, Andrea Sallegger, Nursing Manager, Austria.

Major shift in model of care needed

A major shift in our model of health and social care, with new policies, programmes and practices, were necessary to tackle Ireland’s changing demographics and increasing chronic illness, Mr. Jim Breslin, Secretary General, Department of Health told the AGORA.

What matters most to patients

Compassionate human interactions, access to meaningful information, support and participation of family and friends and a healing environment with support for body, mind and spirit mattered most to patients around the world and across care settings, Karin Jay, Senior Director, International Business, Planetree told the Agora.

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