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Giving certainty back to staff as the pace of change accelerates

The pace of change within HSE structures has started to accelerate. We saw the appointment of the first of six REOs in December 2023;...

HMI Seminar

New Modernised Care Pathways Cut Waiting Lists

The Modernised Care Pathways are a multi-annual scheduled care reform initiative that seeks to implement, operationalise and optimise clinically redesigned patient pathways. These pathways...


The sea now needs more careful watching!

Asked to explain the reasons for poor political performance, former British Prime Minister Harold MacMillan replied “events, dear boy, events”. Healthcare providers, public and...

Placing people at the centre of Patient Safety

The role of patients in their safety is one that has been identified as of key importance to achieve true safety. We have the...

The Need for an Equity-focussed Quality Improvement Strategy

Those most vulnerable to patient harm in the Irish healthcare system require increased engagement, advocacy and protection, writes Dr Siobhán McCarthy. The statistic that at...


Entrepreneurial Leadership In Driving Innovation In Healthcare

While healthcare is recognised to be one of the most challenging and complex sectors globally - change is needed through leadership and innovation that...

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Helping People Regain Their Confidence Is Deeply Rewarding

Positive Health Coach Katrina Falvey shares her experience of working at Cork ARC Cancer Support House In her role as a Survivorship Development Coordinator with Cork...

Adult Immunisation

Adult Immunisation – Its necessity in the healthcare sector and beyond

This past April saw the marking of World Immunisation Week, an annual health campaign developed by the World Health Organisation and serving as a...



Patient Safety


Raising Funds for Simon and Cork Penny Dinners

“These are wonderful causes and special thanks to Elle, Ger and Pierce for all the coaching,” he said.

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