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Hospitalisation at home

France, National Coordinator, Mr. Cédric Arcos

The team which went to France visited Nancy, Niort, Poitiers, Troyes and Rouen.

The presenters were Dr Anwar Alhaq, Ms Krisena Tomicm, Dr Yolanda Revilla, Ms Tine Palmberg, Dr Guillermo Celada, Dr Bobbie Parnaby, Dr Manuel Hernández and Sra Isabel Gámez.

Their presentation cerntred around an emergency planning training programme, a patient centred pathway and technological innovation.

They were very impressed by the fact that the emergency planning training simulated actual emergencies.

The patient centred pathway moved treatment out of the hospital. Hospitalisation at home covered the gap between the hospital and everyday life and offered assistance to patients who were stable after hospitalisation. Teams of doctors, nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and social workers co-ordinated the care and treatment related to specific conditions.

Innovations in technology included a medical training centre which provided a wide range of cutting edge medical techniques and biomedical research in optimal learning conditions on a large site. It evaluated professional practice, allowed people to acquire or update skills in a multidisciplinary team, simulated a doctor patient relationship and attracted enterprise by offering an optimal environment to allow spin offs.

Informatics projects provided a diploma course in health informatics at the University of Troyes and allowed 18 hospitals and units inter link for all relevant services, medical notes, pharmacy, lab results, care plans etc. Another informatics project allowed patient data to be sent to previously selected healthcare related workers. It provided a patient app for health informatics data management and apps to record and monitor patients’ health parameters.