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Parking discs to prevent pressure sores

Sweden, National Coordinator, Mr. Erik Svanfeldt.

The presenters were Marilisa Corso, Heli Niskala, Michelle Watts, Sigrun Kauertz, Maria Pilar Munoz Munoz and Sjoerd Walburg.

They said that Sweden’s healthcare system was decentralised and tax funded and operated through 21 regions.

They had selected three tools to improve communications – the development of green cross safety tool, a parking disc to prevent pressure ulcers and pictograms which were helping to overcome language barriers.

The green cross advised staff when harm could occur. It colour coded the type of risk, description of risk and suggestions for improvement and encouraged staff to act. It promoted multidisciplinary team learning and identified with colour codes, serious harm, harm, risk of harm and no harm. The green cross collected positive aspects, was staff centred, promoted better motivation and recognised good work.

The parking disc to prevent pressure ulcers supported international recommendations. It reminded staff, the patient and carer the next time the patient was due to be turned.   It could be put on the patient’s bedside and could also be used for other activities that required regular time recall.   In 2015 the prevalence of pressure sores in one region was 18% which dropped to 5%. They said that the cost of treating one patient with level 4 pressure ulcers could be up to €50,000 and could be prevented for a €1 parking ticket. Parking discs could also be used to promote hourly checks by staff to see if patients needed a drink or to go to the toilet.

Pictograms helped to overcome language barriers. In 2015 a total of 160,000 people came into Sweden alone and the pictogram tool could be downloaded from the internet. It helped person centred healthcare and was premade in ten languages.