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Producing better medical and financial results

Poland, National Coordinator, Mr. Bogusław Budiński

The presenters were Krista Vapper, Clinical Director, Estonia, Ana Aldea-Perona, CTU Coordinator Spain, Ieva Damberga, Clinical Nurse Latvia and Jani Korpela, Head Nurse, Finland.

They said Poland had a population of 38.5 million and an area of 312,685 km2. It had a birth rate of 0.67 per 1000 inhabitants in 2015 and 23% were over 60 years.

Health insurance covered 98% of the population and guaranteed access to a broad range of health services.

The challenges faced by Poland were a tendency to a low birth rate and an elderly population, many with chronic morbidities and lack of money to provide each required health service in every hospital and primary health care across the country.

It was committed to continuous improvement even in the face of lack of resources and was pursuing the most cost effective and safe solutions and lean management.

Its strength was that it had hospitals with different strengths, some in oncology, others in maternity and trauma.…

It benefitted from using SGA solutions which allowed it have information on current and benchmarked performance, change professional culture, improve effectiveness and produce better medical and financial results.

Poland was pushing the adoption of healthy lifestyles and for the development of its health services step by step through organisation, care and education, always with the patient at the centre. “Your people are amazing with big hearts,” the presenters concluded.