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Invaluable training and experience across Europe

The President of HOPE, Dr. Sara Pupato Ferrari, said the HOPE Exchange Programme offered health managers the opportunity to receive invaluable training and experience across Europe and get a better understanding of the organisation of hospitals in the different countries.

Dr. Sara Pupato Ferrari
Dr. Sara Pupato Ferrari

Participants were then invited to share their learning at an AGORA, where their findings resulted in a significant transfer of learning and knowledge of hospital systems, innovations and patient involvement.

The first woman President of HOPE in its 50 year history thanked all those who were involved in organising the 2017 AGORA. She said she would particularly like to thank HMI President, Lucy Nugent, HMI Executive Rosemarie Carroll, Gerry O’Dwyer, President of the European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM), the Irish private hospitals, the Irish Department of Health, the HSE and the HOPE Association.

A total of 120 healthcare professionals from 18 European countries participated on the 2017 HOPE Exchange programme.