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Disrupting established practices to make room for innovation

“Innovative Disruption,” the theme of the HMI 7th Annual Conference, recognised that we needed to see a quantum change in the way in which we developed and delivered our services, if we were to meet the threats that challenged us and take advantages of the opportunities which new systems, technologies and ways of working provided, HMI President, Lucy Nugent said when she opened the Conference.

The advantages of private ownership of public hospitals

The concept of private ownership of public hospitals was spreading significantly in the DACH region of Europe (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), Dr. Axel Paeger, CEO and founder of the AMEOS Group, which owns and runs 77 public healthcare facilities there, told the Conference.

The impacts of Brexit on healthcare staffing and services

In Irish healthcare, Brexit is likely to have most impact on workforce supply and cross border healthcare, Mr. Leo Kearns, CEO of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland told the Conference.

HMI 2017 Leader’s Award Launched

The 2017 HMI Leader's Award, which is designed to recognise and to promote the work of the many dedicated healthcare staff committed to leading the way in bringing about improvements in the delivery of services, was launched at the conference.

Innovation that’s unaffordable is not truly innovative

Innovative disruption in her view was about a fundamental shift in the way in which we addressed an identified gap or need – put simply it was about doing something that was radically different to what went before thus replacing a product or service with something new, more efficient and worthwhile, Eimear Caslin, General Manager of GSK Ireland Pharmaceuticals, told the conference.

Involving people in their own care

The Coalition for Collaborative Care is in an innovative partnership of people and organisations across health and social care, community and the voluntary sector in the UK which is committed to achieving better care and support for people living with a long term condition, by involving them in their own care, Sue Denmark told the conference.

HSE seeking innovation projects

Dr. Conor Malone, leader of the Spark Innovation Programme and the first HSE National Fellow for Innovation and Change, invited all those attending the conference to share innovation projects from their communities and hospitals.

Increasing our disability free years

Irish people could increase their disability free years by reducing their risk factors for cardiovascular disease, dementia and falls/syncope, Prof. Rose Anne Kenny, Chair of Medical Gerontology and Director of Falls and Syncope Unit, St. James’s Hospital and Trinity College, Dublin, told the conference.

European Association of Hospital Managers’ Congress

Irish hospital managers were invited to attend the 2018 Conference of the European Association of Hospital Managers’ by Victor Herdeiro, who represents the Portugese Association of Hospital Managers which is organising the 27th Congress.

Minister pays tribute to the work of health service managers

Health Minister, Simon Harris said he would like to acknowledge the contribution managers made to the health service, when he addressed the Conference.

Restoring joy to the healthcare workforce

Joy in work was an essential resource for the enterprise of healing and the gifts of hope, confidence, and safety that health care should offer patients and families could only come from a workforce that felt hopeful, confident, and safe, Dr. Emma K. Stokes, Associate Professor and Deputy Head of Physiotherapy, at Trinity College, Dublin and President of the World Confederation of Physiotherapy, told the Conference.

Elective centres could tackle waiting lists

John Connaghan, the new HSE Deputy Director General and Chief Operations Officer, gave his first address in Ireland to the Annual Conference of the Health Management Institute.

Clinical Directors Need More Time, Training and Support

A survey in Ireland had shown that Clinical Directors wanted more time, more training and more support, Dr. Julie McCarthy, National Clinical Lead, Clinical Directors Programme and Consultant Pathologist, Cork University Hospital, told the conference.

OECD nurse patient ratios do not give the full picture

The OECD figures for nurse patient ratios in Ireland did not portray the full picture of nursing work in Ireland, Prof. Jonathan Drennan, Professor of Nursing and Health Services Research, School of Nursing and Midwifery, University College, Cork, told the conference.

HMI Conference Chairs

Lorcan Birthistle and Pauline Treanor chaired the HMI Conference.

A Big Thank You

The Council of HMI would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ to all of our wonderful sponsors who helped to make our conference a great success.

Conference pictures

Speakers and managers who attended 2017 HMI conference in the RDS.

President’s message

Importance of building relationships across Europe

Over 300 health managers attend Dublin AGORA

Organisational innovation in hospitals and healthcare was the main topic of the 2017 HOPE AGORA, HMI President, Lucy Nugent said when she opened the three day event in Trinity College, Dublin, which was attended by over 300 health managers. Maureen Browne reports on AGORA 2017.

Invaluable training and experience across Europe

The President of HOPE, Dr. Sara Pupato Ferrari, said the HOPE Exchange Programme offered health managers the opportunity to receive invaluable training and experience across Europe and get a better understanding of the organisation of hospitals in the different countries.

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