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European Association of Hospital Managers’ Congress

Irish hospital managers were invited to attend the 2018 Conference of the European Association of Hospital Managers’ by Victor Herdeiro, who  represents the Portugese Association of Hospital Managers which is organising the 27th Congress.

Victor Herdeiro
Victor Herdeiro

He said its aim was to redefine the role of hospitals innovating in population health in the future and they hoped to have a strong representation from senior and middle managers from all European  countries.  It would also address integrating innovation and technology to improve and develop patient care. The congress’s main topics:

  1. People Centeredness
  2. Integration of care
  3. Innovative provision models
  4. Financial sustainability
  5. Population Health Management.

The President of The European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) is Gerry O’Dwyer, CEO of the South/South West Hospital Group, HMI Council Member and Director of Education.

The 27th Congress will be held in Cascais, Portugal from September 26 -28 2018.  E-registration and submission will open in January on the Congress website.