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Disrupting established practices to make room for innovation

“Innovative Disruption,” the theme of the HMI 7th Annual Conference, recognised that we needed to see a quantum change in the way in which we developed and delivered our services, if we were to meet the threats that challenged us and take advantages of the opportunities which new systems, technologies and ways of working provided, HMI President, Lucy Nugent said when she opened the Conference.

Lucy Nugent
Lucy Nugent

“We must be prepared to disrupt well established practices to make room for the innovation needed to transform the delivery of services and our use of resources.

“Over recent years, the emphasis has moved from getting by, to incremental improvement.  However, in some areas, incremental improvement will only get you so far.  Sometimes, you have got to stop what you are doing in order to get the time, space and resources for an innovation which is sufficiently different that it can effect a major uplift in the quality of services which we deliver.  It is an approach which has worked in the past, for example with the Cancer Strategy and with different parts of the Clinical Programmes.  The challenge is for managers and other healthcare professionals to see where innovative disruption is not only desirable but essential in their own workplaces.

“Staying on the theme of innovation, I would like to mention this year’s HMI Leaders Award which is being launched here today. It is designed to recognise and to promote the work of the many dedicated healthcare staff committed to leading the way in bringing about improvements in the delivery of services.

“As President of HMI, I and my fellow Council members hope that you will enjoy the conference and find it a valuable day of insights and learning.

Sometimes, you have got to stop what you are doing in order to get the time, space and resources for an innovation which is sufficiently different that it can effect a major uplift in the quality of services which we deliver.

“One of the exciting parts of having a conference, and maybe the main reason for having a conference, is to foster a community of learning and to become energised by the buzz of ideas being proposed, challenged, debated and expanded. We can all agree that in order to deliver quality services now and into the future, we need to move forward with new ideas.
“At this conference, we as professional managers can embrace new shared understandings of what is possible. I do encourage you to engage with our speakers and their thoughts on these issues.”

Ms. Nugent said the Health Management Institute of Ireland was the professional body for healthcare managers across all sectors of the health services in Ireland.

“Its aim is the continuous development of standards of management competence and practice. It achieves this aim through informing, educating and involving its members and stakeholders in professional development and networking event. You will see from the video loop showing today the extensive year-around set of activities we are involved in. In ways, our regional events and other activities are like having a year-round conference where new ideas are discussed and debated. I encourage you and your colleagues who are not members to join up and help us to expand the work of the Institute in your organisation and workplace.”

“Being a member Institute, we are conscious of the need to meet with our members and to disseminate relevant information about the key issues in healthcare delivery. The principal way we do this is through our conference and our regional events. These could not happen without the support we receive from our sponsors. I would like to thank GSK, who are not only our main sponsor here today, but who also support our regional events. Their continued support for our events and conference assists greatly the work of the Institute.

“I would like to take a moment now to especially thank each of our other sponsors who are here today. I would like to acknowledge their support which has enabled us to run, what I believe is, a highly topical and relevant conference for healthcare managers.
Please take the time to visit them as many work very successfully in partnership with Managers and Clinicians to enhance the services we offer.