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HMI 2017 Leader’s Award Launched

The 2017 HMI Leader’s Award, which is designed to recognise and to promote the work of the many dedicated healthcare staff committed to leading the way in bringing about improvements in the delivery of services, was launched at the conference.

Eaommon Fitzgerald
Eamonn Fitzgerald

November 7, 2017 is the closing date for the receipt of applications for this year’s awards.

The award recognises leaders who are bringing about changes in healthcare; delivering improvements in patient outcomes; enhancing service delivery; and improving resource allocation. The HMI Leader’s Award showcases the commitment, risk and perseverance which teams and individuals display in striving to achieve change.

Mr. Eamonn Fitzgerald Chief Executive, Hermitage Medical Clinic, HMI Council Member and Chair of the award’s National Judges Panel said everybody at the Conference was a leader or capable of being a leader because they all wanted to make a difference and that was the backdrop to the HMI Leader’s Awards.

HMI Leaders Award
HMI Leaders Award

The award which was launched in 2014 celebrated creativity and innovation in the health services and showcased the improvements being made at all levels.

“Over the past three years, entries have ranged across all sectors and activities and we have been amazed at what people have been undertaking – which often remains unknown. Projects have ranged from those which are locally focussed to national rollouts.

“The search for the 2017 winner begins today, but the winners ultimately are the patients and communities which we are privileged to serve.

“November 7 is the closing date for applications. On November 23 we will review presentations from the south, on November 30 from the west and on dates to be confirmed presentations form the Dublin North East and Dublin Midland regions. December 7 is the date for the presentations the national judges.

“It is a real pleasure to be involved in the judging panel.  This is all about leadership whch is the human glue that brings us together.

The national judges are Suzanne Dempsey Chief Director of Nursing, Children’s Hospital Group, Dr. Conor Malone, leader of the Spark Innovation Programme and the first HSE National Fellow for Innovation and Change and Ian Addie, Head of Patient Access, Novartis Ireland.

The awards are sponsored by Novartis Ireland.

Proudly sponsored by Novartis
Proudly sponsored by Novartis