Total of 137,745 (WTE) staff employed by HSE


There are now 137,745 whole time equivalent (WTE) staff employed by the HSE, according to its annual report for 2022.  

An additional 16,000 Whole Time Equivalents were employed by the HSE in the three years up to 2022.  Of these, 5,422 additional WTEs were employed since 2021.

“This growth has taken place against the backdrop of serious health service challenges – the unpredictable COVID-19 environment, the Haddington Road Agreement (HRA) reversal, a criminal cyberattack in 2021 and a fiercely competitive global market have all impacted on our recruitment delivery,” said the annual report.

“This is against a backdrop of unprecedented staff turnover, up almost 1% due to the opening of international borders and the exiting of staff who had delayed their departure to support the COVID-19 response, and against a significant wave of COVID-19 related absences together with the impact of the HRA reversal.”