Competencies for contemporary leaders of the world’s hospitals of the future

Caroline O’Regan
Caroline O’Regan

From workforce to artificial intelligence, and climate change to pandemics, major shifts in the healthcare landscape create new challenges and opportunities for contemporary leaders of the world’s hospitals of the future. 

To support Irish Hospital Federation (IHF) members to excel in the competencies required for future-focused hospital and healthcare compassionate and collaborative leadership, the IHF published a fully revised, globally-relevant competency model July 2023. This is the first model for the healthcare sector that embeds sustainability as a core leadership competency.

Forty-five experts from 30 countries (and with expertise in many more geographical areas) contributed to this research project. The 2023 model is an evolution of the 2015 directory. It is mainly aimed at current and aspiring healthcare executives, and can serve individuals, teams, and organisations. The model will support them by providing a useful leadership lens to their work and mission writes Caroline O’Regan, who was nominated to present Ireland on this innovative future focused leadership competency framework for Global HealthCare.

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