Healthcare managers need to make their ideas known and defend them to national and supranational decision-makers


The EAHM was founded in 1970 in France.  Its Head Office is in Strasbourg and its offices, i.e. its operational headquarters, are currently in Luxembourg, having been located for many years in Brussels. Fifty years in existence, EAHM is a relatively young association, but has an impressive record of achievements, writes Marc Hastert.

Marc Hastert

It is the umbrella association for European Hospital Managers and senior hospital employees in European countries that are organised either in representative national associations or in groups of hospital managers affiliated to the EAHM. 

The mission of the EAHM is: 

  • To support the specific mission and responsibility of Chief Executive Officers (CEO) and Directors as well as the teams workers under their lead in public and private hospitals, and in other health care management in European countries. 
  • To propose trainings, seminars, linkages and networks contributing to their professional competence and responsibility. 
  • To record, disseminate and share with the National Associations good practice in hospital and healthcare management in European countries, specifically those which contribute to the role of hospitals and health care services in Europe and to promote these values.
  • To seek to influence European Union legislation and its implementation affecting hospitals and ther healthcare sector and to explain and promote the specific role of the hospital/healthcare management.

Targeting the construction of a social Europe, the EAHM elaborates proposals regarding the hospital sector to the European authorities. The EAHM is also an interlocutor for the health care industry.

The EAHM is composed of Full Members, Associate Members and Affiliate Members. Full Members are National Organisations or, if there are no National Organisations, regional but nationally important associations.

Today, the European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) is one of the world’s largest hospital management associations. Its members are the leading hospital management associations in most of the European countries, representing thousands of individual managers. The EAHM serves explicitly and exclusively the public interest. 

The EAHM has been involved in numerous activities specifically tailored to support its members, such as the very successful EAHM congresses and numerous leadership events delivered throughout the years. Core partners have supported the work of the EAHM over the years.

We live and work in a changing world. Scientific and technological progress constantly presents us with new challenges. It is therefore imperative to look to the future. EAHM primarily wishes to represent the visions of hospital managers in order to develop quality and efficiency while taking into account technical and financial constraints. We need to make our ideas known and defend them to national and supranational decision-makers. This will involve significant communication and lobbying efforts.

The EAHM has identified a number of priorities to be considered within the framework of the activities and competences of hospital managers in the light of the changing political and socio-economic environments in Europe. There are new technologies linked to innovation and scientific progress, as well as legal and financial constraints.  We must constantly work to improve cybersecurity and to respect the necessary guarantees regarding the protection of personal data. The managerial and leadership skills of hospital management must be in line with these developments.

EAHM has opted to become a stronger presence among European and international hospital players in general. The actions and visions of hospital managers need to be articulated and defended at both national and international level.

More than ever, the European Association of Hospital Managers is positioning itself as a key player to help modernise hospital management by identifying the most successful management models and recommending best mangement practices in a variety of areas. As it has done over the past 50 years, EAHM will continue to work effectively towards this goal.

Marc Hastert, Secretary General, EAHM.