The role of the NRH Foundation in supporting the only specialist rehabilitation hospital in Ireland


In June this year, the National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH) celebrated the first anniversary of the opening of Phase One of its long-awaited new hospital development on the campus of the NRH, at Rochestown Avenue, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, writes Edel Lambe.

A total of €10 million funding was provided by the NRH Foundation to facilitate the capital build of the new facility.  

When this building project finally got underway, the role of the NRH Foundation in supporting this unique, life-changing journey for the NRH was a vital element in the successful and timely completion of this capital build and in fully equipping this new facility.

This unique project is the first purpose-designed rehabilitation facility to be built in Ireland. The enhanced environment in the new hospital has already contributed towards patients achieving optimum outcomes from their Rehabilitation Programme. This new facility enables staff to deliver services in a new and innovative environment designed specifically around patients’ needs.  

The NRH Foundation, established in 1983, is the registered charity dedicated to raising vital funds to support the services delivered by the National Rehabilitation Hospital.  The NRH Foundation focuses on raising financial support towards specialist projects, equipment and research that give direct benefit and service to the patients, both adults and children, in the NRH. 

The good work and impactful results delivered by the NRH Foundation however are solely attributed to the generosity and support it receives from the general public.  The Charity would not be able to provide this vital financial support to enable the development of specialist rehabilitation healthcare services in the NRH without the public’s help through donations, fundraising and sponsored events.   The NRH Foundation adheres to best practice when receiving donations and is committed to openness, honesty and transparency with all donors.  The Charity is fully compliant with the new regulatory Charities’ Governance Code.

One of the key areas of focused support for the NRH Foundation in recent years has been raising funds for the development and the equipping of the NRH Phase One New Hospital facility.  The NRH Foundation worked in partnership with the NRH and HSE on the construction of this life changing development. A total of €10 million funding was provided by the NRH Foundation to facilitate the capital build of the new facility.  This funding was held on reserve by the NRH Foundation for many years as the funds were restricted for the sole purpose of supporting a new hospital build on the NRH site. Over €1 million additional funds have been generated, through fundraising and donations to the NRH Foundation since 2016 to date, to support the equipping of the new hospital project. 


National Rehabilitation Hospital.
National Rehabilitation Hospital

As the only specialised rehabilitation hospital in Ireland, it is vital that the NRH is able to continue on providing the highest level of treatment possible to enable each patient attain the safest level of independence possible following their injury or illness.  In order to keep up with the latest technology and equipment advances that support this specialist rehabilitation service, the NRH is dependent on the continued and ongoing financial support received from the NRH Foundation.  This essential ongoing funding from the NRH Foundation would not be possible without the generosity and thoughtfulness of the public, from all walks of life, who have chosen to commit their support to the work of the NRH and make these dreams a reality.  

The NRH Foundation constantly needs to raise funds, and looks forward to continuing to play its part in the future development of the National Rehabilitation Hospital, as the hospital progresses in the planning of Phase Two of the new Hospital Development.

To find out more or to get involved in joining the NRH Foundation on this unique journey, please contact the Fundraising Manager, Edel Lambe @, or visit the Charity website on