Surrogacy Leave now available for staff at RCSI


Staff at RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences can now avail of paid leave if they become parents through surrogacy.  

“Under the university’s new Surrogacy Leave policy, staff who are welcoming a child through surrogacy can take 24 weeks paid leave and 16 weeks unpaid leave, mirroring the university’s Adoptive Leave policy. While on leave, the new parent will retain all of their annual leave, privilege and public holiday entitlements,” said a spokesperson for RCSI.

“All RCSI staff are eligible for Surrogacy Leave irrespective of their role or contract type. 

“The policy gives RCSI staff clarity on the supportive processes, procedures and benefits available to them if they are engaged in the surrogacy process. The clarity is particularly important because of the lack of surrogacy legislation in Ireland, and the absence of state benefits.

“The policy was developed with an employee actively engaged in the surrogacy process, along with an internal policy consultation group. Their input was integral to ensuring that the policy is appropriate and fit for purpose.”

Barry Holmes, Director of HR at RCSI, said, “We recognise that there are many journeys to parenthood. We think it is important that all journeys are supported equally so that staff can focus on what matters without undue concern related to their entitlements, including paid leave.” 

“The policy reflects our institutional commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion. Our staff know that our culture is supportive and reflects the lived experiences of everyone who works at RCSI. This is an important policy which will give staff who are becoming parents through surrogacy the peace of mind of knowing that they can take paid leave, and that they are being treated fairly and equally.”

The Surrogacy Leave policy forms part of the broad suite of RCSI family leave policies, which staff can access in a new HR policy hub. 

RCSI’s commitment to diversity and inclusion was recently recognised at the National Diversity and Inclusion Awards. RCSI’s award, for Company of the Year, celebrates the impact of the RCSI community to making meaningful progress and ensuring that RCSI is a place of education and work where everyone can thrive, and the commitment of the university’s senior leadership to promoting diversity and inclusion.