New type of minimally invasive procedure to treat enlarged prostate

The team that carried out the first Rezum procedures in the Reeves Day Surgery Centre were from left, Mr. Diarmuid Sugrue, Urology SpR; Professor Rustom Manecksha, Urology Consultant; Shirley Hopton, CNM1;  Kyle Garma, Staff Nurse and Elaine Borromeo, Staff Nurse.

A team led by Professor Rustom Manecksha Consultant Urologist, TUH and Clinical Associate Professor, Trinity College, Dublin has carried out a new type of minimally invasive procedure treating Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) in the Reeves Day Surgery Centre at Tallaght University Hospital. One in four men over the age of 40 in Ireland will suffer from BPH.

The innovative treatment (Rezūm) uses water vapour therapy to target and shrink the excess prostate tissue. When the steam contacts the prostate tissue the stored energy is releases into the tissue. In time the body absorbs the treated tissue, reducing the size of the prostate. This relieves the urinary obstruction and improves urinary flow.

During the procedure, a specialised device is directed to deliver small bursts of heated water vapor directly into the prostate tissue. The treated tissue is then gradually reabsorbed by the body, reducing the size of the prostate and easing the symptoms for the patient. It is typically performed as a day procedure, using sedation or a short general anaesthetic.