Minister Announces Acceleration of Delivery of Second New Ward Block at University Hospital Limerick

Stephen Donnelly
Stephen Donnelly

Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly announced on May 24 the acceleration of plans to deliver additional bed capacity at University Hospital Limerick.

The Department of Health said construction was continuing on a 96-bed ward block at the hospital. A further two 96-bed blocks were proposed to be developed, as part of the overall masterplan for the University Hospital Limerick (UHL) Campus.

Minister Donnelly said, “I am delighted to announce that the HSE are making arrangements to accelerate enabling works which will progress delivery of a new second 96-Bed Ward Block.

“This next phase of works to be progressed in the coming months at UHL will include an underground car-park, along with ground floor and first floor shell spaces together providing the lower floors of the next hospital block envisaged in the site masterplan.

“The HSE will also prepare plans to take forward a further phase of capital works that would include construction and fit out of a further four 24-bed inpatient wards as part of the upper part of second ward block. “

“In the largest increase in capacity in the history of the HSE, we have opened an additional 975 permanent hospital beds, excluding critical care, since 1 January 2020. Further beds will be added throughout 2023. We have also increased our critical care capacity to 323 beds, which represents an increase of approximately 25% over the 2020 baseline of 258 beds and HSE also plan to add a further 29 beds this year.

“Our health infrastructure is key to providing health services and is a fundamental enabler of health service reform. Investment in infrastructure is taking account of the complexity of health services and the changing way we deliver those services now and into the future.”