Mater Private Network Increases Radiology Capacity


The Mater Private Network has commissioned  a new CT scanner in its Radiology Department on Eccles St, Dublin. This new state-of-the-art equipment, is a core element of a significant radiology investment programme to the value of €3 million. 

Until now, Mater Private Network’s diagnostic imaging services in Dublin had been performing 300-350 CT scans per week; this new CT scanner will deliver a two-fold capacity increase for CT scanning, with waiting lists virtually eliminated as a result.

The Network said Patients would also benefit from the cutting-edge technology, which gave excellent image quality and reduced the radiation dose to the lowest possible level.  “With the opening hours for radiology services now extended into the late evening and running 7 days a week across the three Mater Private Dublin facilities, this also helps to address the challenge of long waiting lists that exists nationally, and greatly improves access for patients for diagnostic imaging.”