Ninety-four per cent of hip fracture patients brought directly to operating hospital


Ninety-four per cent of the patients who suffered a hip fracture were brought directly to the operating hospital, 84% of patients were admitted from home, while 26% of patients were admitted to an orthopaedic ward or went to theatre within four hours, according to the Irish Hip Fracture Database Report for 2021.

The report showed the mean age of the 3,806 patients who suffered  fracture was 80.4 years, 58% were female and 32% male, 76% received surgery within 48 hours and 75%  of patients received a pre-operative nerve block for pain.

Eighty-three percent of patients were seen by a Geriatrician or Advanced Nurse Practitioner, 63% received a nutritional assessment,  92% a bone health assessment and 85% a specialist falls assessment.

Thirty per cent of patients were discharged directly home,  hip fracture patients received 66,647 hospital bed days, their median length of stay was 12 days, 23% received independent mobility prior to discharge and 82% were mobilised by a physiotherapist on the day of or after surgery.