New Unit set up in office of Chief Clinical Officer


A Frontline Clinical Innovation and Simulation Unit, is being established in the office of the Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Colm Henry.

This follows the launch of the report “The Implementation of Simulation on Clinical Sites: A National Strategic Guide”.

The aim of this new unit, the Frontline Clinical Innovation and Simulation Unit, is to advance simulation and innovation to support improved healthcare delivery. This unit will embrace a multidisciplinary approach that includes Nursing and Midwifery, Health and Social Care Professions and Doctors in developing innovative approaches to delivering health care and training to our healthcare professionals.

A key role of the new unit will be to support the development of multi-disciplinary simulation for the health services. The unit will build on existing simulation structures/training and continue to strengthen the use of simulation as a tool to support the delivery of high quality, safe care and increased multidisciplinary team working.

Announcing the decision, Chief Clinical Officer Dr Colm Henry said, “The creation of the new Frontline Clinical Innovation and Simulation Unit signifies that we acknowledge and trust that frontline healthcare workers have the knowledge and insights that we need to shape, both innovation in the health service, and the delivery of training through simulation. Clinical staff in the unit will be at the forefront of driving improvement and excellence in training, thus securing our health system for the future”.

The National Clinical Simulation Lead will provide guidance and leadership to support the development of Simulation Based Education across the simulation networks and across disciplines and grades. The Lead will also provide input and oversight into the development of innovation programmes under this unit.