RCSI launches policy to support employees affected by domestic violence


The RCSI Domestic Violence and Abuse Leave Policy was launched in November by RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences.

The policy was developed through engagement and consultation with a number of different resources and organisations including Women’s Aid and Men’s Aid. It outlines that RCSI recognises and will deal sensitively with any employee who may be experiencing domestic violence and abuse and provides clear guidance on the supports, internally and externally, that are available. 

This work aligns with the recently published HEA’s Ending Sexual Violence and Harassment in Higher Education Institutions Implementation Plan, 2022–2024. In 2018, an RCSI working group was established to develop a framework and policy aimed at ending sexual violence and misconduct. The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre (DRCC) served as an external advisor to this group.

The RCSI said the policy outlined a range of appropriate reasonable accommodations and supports including adjustments to working arrangements and dedicated leave to support staff members experiencing domestic violence and abuse.