Hermitage Clinic receives EcoMerit Certification


Blackrock Health Hermitage Clinic has received EcoMerit Certification, in recognition of its efforts to significantly reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

To receive this Certification, Hermitage Clinic underwent a process in which comprehensive data was collected on its carbon footprint, energy, waste and water usage. Key actions were then identified for increasing efficiency across these areas, along with actions relating to supply chain greening and the promotion of biodiversity. The hospital is now working with EcoMerit to measure and monitor its environmental performance and put in place a plan to increase its sustainability efforts over the next five years.

In attaining EcoMerit Certification, Hermitage Clinic joins its Blackrock Health sister clinics, Blackrock Health Galway Clinic, which was certified in March of this year, and Blackrock Health Blackrock Clinic, which was the first hospital in Ireland to attain Certification back in November 2015.