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NRH – HMI – Ergonomics Presentation

Fiona McGuirk, Environmental Health & Safety Officer and Sinead Foody, Senior Physiotherapist, National Rehabilitation Hospital, Rochestown Avenue, Dun Laoghaire, demonstrated some ergonomics tips which could be beneficial to healthcare staff who are working from home either part-time or full time.

“Posture, lighting, furniture, and other work conditions and habits may affect the way you feel and how well you work. By adjusting your work environment and personal practices, you may be able to minimize fatigue and discomfort, and reduce the risk of resulting strains that can lead to injury,” they told the Conference.

Sinead Foody

Sinead Foody is Senior Physiotherapist and Patient Handling Coordinator, National Rehabilitation Hospital

She is a graduate of the UCD School of Physiotherapy. She has worked as a Senior Physiotherapist at the NRH since 2007 and now shares her clinical work with her role as Patient Handling Coordinator.

She has previous clinical experience working in both the public & private sector in Australia & the UK.

Sinead Foody and Fiona McGuirk, NRH
Sinead Foody and Fiona McGuirk, NRH

Fiona McGuirk

Environmental/Health and Safety Officer, National Rehabilitation Hospital

Fiona McGuirk is the Environmental/Health and Safety Officer in the National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH). Prior to this, she worked as a Health and Safety Officer in the Construction Industry and was the lead Health and Safety Officer on the capital development project of the new 120-bed facility on the NRH campus. She has a specialist interest in the area of Ergonomics.