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Professionalism, leadership and governance

The need for inspiring and professional manager leaders, the importance of sound governance and the challenge of providing services at a time of reducing budgets and increasing demand were the main themes of the 2014 HMI National Conference, writes Maureen Browne.

Managing expectations managers’ greatest challenge

Managing expectations was the biggest challenge for managers in the Irish health service, Minister of State at the Department of Health, Ms. Kathleen Lynch, T.D., said when she gave the opening address to the Conference.

A different health future

A different health future based on five major changes was urged by Ms. Francesca Colombo, Head of Health Division, OECD, when she opened the session on the “Context for Change,” which was chaired by HMI President, Mr. Derek Greene.

Silence on heath funding must be challenged

The deafening silence on the funding of health and care must be challenged, Mr. Leo Kearns, HSE National Lead for Transformation & Change told the Conference.

Dichotomy between priorities and work

A survey of health managers and senior policy makers last January revealed a big difference between healthcare priorities and the areas on which they were actually spending their time, Dr. Sarah Barry, Research Fellow at the Centre for Health Policy and Management at Trinity College, Dublin told the Conference.

Priorities and practicalities of clinical leadership

More and more top performing hospitals in the US have doctors in leadership positions, not because they are better managers but because they are in a unique position to engage with patients and colleagues, Dr. Colm Henry, National Clinical Advisor and Programme Lead for Acute Hospitals told the Conference.

Developing managers as leaders

Health managers had the most important and most difficult job in Ireland, Dr. Siobhan O’Halloran, Chief Nursing Officer, Department of Health told the Conference.

Engendering a winning culture

Through its collaboration with the HMI, GSK had gained a great insight into the challenges which managers in the health service faced, Ms. Eimear Caslin, Commercial Director GSK, told the Conference.

Nurturing a winning team

To develop a successful team you had to earn respect, set standards, make demands and treat the team with respect, Mr. Brian Cody, Manager, Kilkenny Senior Hurling Team told the Conference.

Building a culture for success

One of the unfortunate things when the HSE was born was that leadership was considered a frivolous activity, Mr. Tom Lynch, Group Chair, Dublin Academic Medical Centre, Ireland East Hospitals Group, told the Conference.

It’s not the fault of managers

When hospitals were over budget the simplistic view was that it was the fault of managers and not that there was high acuity of in-patients, an increasing population of older people, higher costs of available therapies and a high use of itinerant agency staff, Dr. Tony O’Connell HSE National Director Acute Services told the Conference.

The governance of the hospital groups

A panel discussion on the challenge of governance, effectiveness and accountability in the new hospital group structures was one of the most stimulating sessions of the Conference.

Reaching for the stars

Mr. Eamonn Fitzgerald, CEO of the Hermitage Clinic and Chair of the National Judging Panel for the HMI Leaders Awards said that when working on the awards he was reminded of the story about the starfish.

Joint Winners of HMI Inaugural Leaders Award

There were two joint winners of the HMI Inaugural Leaders Award - Chatterbox and Cork Beats Stress.

Award Finalists

There were five finalists in the HMI Leaders Award.

HMI Leaders Award Commendations

Nine projects received commendations in the HMI Leaders Award.

Need for inspiring leaders and professional managers

On the national stage, our health services have remained in the eye of the storm, thus ensuring the constant need for inspiring leaders and professional managers, HMI President, Mr. Derek Greene said when he officially opened the 2014 HMI National Conference.

Strong leadership and management needed

The Irish health services will need strong leadership and management to ensure that when more resources become available they will result in better outcomes for patients, Health Minister, Dr. Leo Varadkar said when he presented the first HMI Leader Awards.

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