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Reaching for the stars

Mr. Eamonn Fitzgerald, CEO of the Hermitage Clinic and Chair of the National Judging Panel for the HMI Leaders Awards said that when working on the awards he was reminded of the story about the starfish.

Eamon Fitzgerald
Mr Eamonn Fitzgerald

“A young guy was walking along the beach when he came across and elderly man picking up starfish and putting them back into the sea. ‘Why are you doing that?’ he asked.  The older man said ‘Because the sun is coming out and the tide is going out.’ ‘But there are miles and miles of sand and you will only save a few, it won’t really matter,’ said the young man.  The older man picked up another starfish and said ‘Well it matters to this one.”

There were 149 nominations, nine commendations and seven finalists for the inaugural HMI Awards.