Director of Healthcare Regulation


Sean Egan has been appointed as Director of Healthcare Regulation with HIQA.

Sean Egan

Sean has worked in HIQA for the past eight years, leading on promoting improvement in the quality and safety of healthcare for patients most recently as Head of Healthcare within the organisation.

HIQA said this new executive management position reflected forthcoming policy developments that proposed an extension of HIQA’s legal functions in the regulation of healthcare across the public, private and voluntary sectors, including its role as the Competent Authority in regulating medical exposure to ionising radiation. Sean has been appointed to the role following an open competition.

Sean Egan, Director of Healthcare Regulation, said: “I am delighted to take on this role to improve the safety and quality of healthcare for the people of Ireland, building on our work in key areas such as the prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections and maternity care. This is an exciting time for the organisation as HIQA’s remit continues to expand as the regulator of patient safety and medical exposures to ionising radiation.

“I look forward to working with the Government to progress the implementation of monitoring and regulation in public and private healthcare, to ensure HIQA has adequate powers of licencing and enforcement in order to safeguard the people using healthcare services.”