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European solidarity saved lives in pandemic

The strong solidarity of European countries helped to save lives in the COVID pandemic, Mr Philippe Blua, President of the European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM), told the Conference.

Philippe Blua
Philippe Blua

He said there was insufficient solidarity at the beginning of the pandemic when it was a pity to see some European countries fighting for medical supplies at one stage.  However, increasing solidarity had facilitated the exchange of information, which was so important.  “We needed to know what you were doing in Ireland,” he said. Solidarity also meant that States cared in their ICUs for their European neighbours from other countries. It had also ensured the success of the vaccination programme.

“Strong solidarity means we work together to save lives and make lives better.   This was the goal of the founding fathers of Europe and I think it will increase in the time ahead

Mr. Blua said that the HMI played a very active part in the work of the EAHM, which has over 16,000 individual members.

He said he would like to congratulate Mr. Tony Canavan on his election as HMI President and looked forward to working with him.   He would also like to greet past Presidents, Mr. Lorcan Birthistle and Ms Lucy Nugent and thank them for their contribution to the EAHM during their terms in office.  He also  wished to greet  Mr. Gerry O’Dwyer, his immediate predecessor, as President of the EAHM, and thank him for the wise advice he had given him since his election as EAHM President.

Mr Blua concluded by advising HMI Members that the next EAHM Congress would take place in Budapest in March 2022.