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Hospital Managers may need higher salaries

Hospital Managers may need to be paid higher salaries, according to Fianna Fail Health Spokesperson Stephen Donnelly, T.D.

Mr. Donnelly also said that health care managers did not get sufficient training.

Healthcare management was a complex area and managers needed very serious skill sets to run a well-functioning hospital,” he told the 2019 Annual Conference of the Irish Hospital Consultants Association in Dublin.

In some cases clinicians were asked to move into management, which was a vey specialised role, for which they needed training.

“I think salaries for hospital managers may need to be increased.  Anyone running a major hospital must command the respect of consultants and not everybody commands your respect

“It is almost impossible for a manger who has not been afforded the same level of professional training and might be on half consultants’ salaries to command respect.  We have to pay managers properly.