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Funding of €20 million for 122 Sláintecare projects

Health Minister, Health Simon Harris, has announced €20 million funding for 122 Sláintecare projects.

Ms. Catherine Byrne, Minister of State, Department of Health, Mr. Simon Harris, Minister of Health and Ms. Laura Magahy, Executive Director, Slaintecare
Ms. Catherine Byrne, Minister of State, Department of Health, Mr. Simon Harris, Minister of Health and Ms. Laura Magahy, Executive Director, Slaintecare

Over 477 projects applied for the Integration Fund and 122 projects from across the country were successful.

The Minister said the successful projects met the goals outlined under Sláintecare:

  • Demonstrate innovative ways in which citizens can engage in their own health;
  • Represent best practice in the management of chronic diseases and caring for older people, and;
  • Encourage innovations in shift of care to the community or promote hospital avoidance.

“The successful Sláintecare Integration Fund projects are leading examples of how innovative thinking can bring about meaningful and long-lasting change to health and social care in Ireland.

“These projects show how joined-up thinking and working in partnership can help us reach Sláintecare’s goals of shifting the majority of care to the community, reducing waiting lists and improving experiences for patients and staff across the health and social care system in Ireland. I look forward to seeing the end results of these projects and how they might be scaled up.”

The successful projects are in more than 100 locations right across the country. The project partners range from hospitals, hospital groups, Community Health Organisations, Community and Voluntary Organisations, Universities and Primary Care Centres. Many successful projects will be delivered in partnership between hospitals and CHOs, or hospitals and community organisations, highlighting the emphasis on integrated care and shifting care to the community.

The Fatima Groups United Family Resource Centre, was successful with its project “Dublin 8 Social Prescribing Project.” The project will strengthen the links with the existing healthcare practitioners in health and social care services, expand community programmes that respond to people’s needs within the area covering issues such as stress and anxiety, exercise and healthy eating, education, and social Integration. The project will also deliver a comprehensive evaluation that illustrates the need for social prescribing on a national basis.

ALONE B Connect is a national project that aims to facilitate older people staying healthy in their homes for longer. ALONE B Connect will combine technology and expanded community services to support elderly people at home.

The COPD Integrated Care Project in Waterford University Hospital, run with South-East Community Healthcare is focusing on improving experiences for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The project aims to reduce COPD patients using the emergency department, reduce hospital admissions for COPD patients, and reduce the length of eventual hospital stays through improved integrated care.

In Sligo, Leitrim and West Cavan, Diabetes patients will have expanded access to GP and Primary Care settings for the care and management of their condition. Patient experiences will be more positive thanks to being able to access care locally, and hospital appointments will be reduced.

Slaintecare Integration Fund Projects