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We should try and simplify healthcare

Ireland has a relatively small health system, but we are very skilled at making things complicated, Anne O’Connor, Deputy Director General, Chief Operations Officer, HSE, told the Conference.

Anne O'Connor
Anne O’Connor

“We live very complicated lives and we should try and simplify things in health care.”

“Notwithstanding all the good work that goes on, there is a need for us to go back to basics and treat people in the way they want to be treated and in line with Slaintecare- which is as near home as possible, going into the acute system for care when they need it and then returning back home again.”

“Whilst we tend to focus on those who have complicated needs, for others the solution can be more simple. Kindness, respect and empathy are very important and can be overlooked in the complexity of the system. ”

A new HSE Chair and Board will also change how we do our business next year.

“There is also a need to strip away some of the noise that goes on. I think it is important that, from a leadership perspective, we get out of people’s way a bit and let them do the jobs they are good at and see how we can enable and support them to do these jobs.”

The Deputy DG said accountability was a two-way road. “There is a piece about holding people to account and then not liking the answers that come back with regard to resources. There is also a need for people to manage and be accountable in good times and bad.

“The world of performance and accountability is changing and going to continue to change.”

“We won’t be able to do everything next year and need to be guided by people who are expert in their fields on how collectively we prioritise for patients. ”

“A new HSE Chair and Board will also change how we do our business next year.”