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EAHM Conference in Belgium

HMI Members have been urged to attend the 2019 Conference of the European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) in Belgium, next September.

Freddy Lemants
Freddy Lemants

Mr. Freddy Lemants, Executive Committee Member of EAHM and a member of the Belgian Association of Hospital Managers, said that the theme of the conference was Innovative Health Strategies.

“It will be held in Ghent on September 12 and 13, 2019, and we invite you to come and join us to exchange knowledge, ideas, best practices and experience,” he said when he addressed the HMI Conference.

“There are six themes to the conference – smart building and logistics, innovation and technology, big data and digital health, healing architecture, finance and health economics, health management, governance and ethics.”
“We want to see how technology can be used in such a way that the hospital of the future will continue to evolve and contribute to better connected and personalised care for the patient.

“Technology will have an even greater impact in the near future on the preventative, diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities and healthcare. The only way to make progress is to innovate and we will be looking at how this can best be done.

“Hospitals need to be managed efficiently, based on data. There is a lot of data available but often it is fragmented. What is needed to better co-ordinate data? And how did we eventually get the right insights from that mountain of collected data?
“The job of care providers will be different in hospitals of the future and medical staff will have to develop new skills to get started with innovation, at a time when there are many vacancies in healthcare.

“There are questions that needed to be answered such as if every treatment had to be available and possible for every patient and how far did the involvement of patient go, was out healthcare affordable, while the importance of ethics would only increase.
“The Conference will connect today and tomorrow’s leaders to shape the future of healthcare and give you the opportunity to visit state-of-the art hospitals in Belgium,” said Mr. Lemants.