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€6.466m from Dormant Accounts for Health Projects

A total of €6.466 million has been made available for health projects from the Dormant Accounts Fund.
The money has been allocated as follows:

  • Community Development and Health Programme: €710,000
  • National Survey of Existing Transport Provision within Disability Services: €80,000
  • Development of an eLearning Module for New Directions: €95,000
  • Community Transition Co-Ordinators: €450,000
  • Health Promotion Initiatives for People with Disabilities and their Carers/Families in Community/Own Homes: €150,000
  • Supporting the Healthy Ireland Fund €500,000
  • National Rollout of Dementia Training Programme for HSE Home Care Staff: €974,667
  • Dementia Resource Centres and Outreach Project: €2,200,000
  • National Intellectual Disability Memory Service: €501,547
  • Diagnosis of Young Onset Dementia: €35,000
  • Dementia Community Activation Coordinator: €90,000
  • Pilot Rollout of the Carer’s Needs Assessment Tool (Single Assessment Tool): €180,000
  • Grant Call for Physical Activity Programmes for Older People: €500,000