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Department of Health Action Plan

The Department of Health has 14 key action areas which it plans to implement in 2016 and 2017, Secretary General, Mr. Jim Breslin told the HMI West Forum in Ballyshannon Health Campus.

They are:

  • Complete the Department work to align its structures and resourcing with strategic priorities.
  • Enhance the Department’s approach to policy making.
  • Strengthen the Department’s performance dialogue with the HSE and other health agencies.
  • Streamline and enhance the Department’s approach to parliamentary work
  • Enhance collaboration, communication and strategic network-building within the health sector and cross sectorally.
  • Put in place organisational arrangements for policy legislation and governance function for professional regulatory bodies.
  • Implement an integrated unified approach to business planning and risk management
  • Establish an internal communications functions and implement the internal Communications Action Plan
  • Promote staff learning and development and implement the Learning and Development Strategy
  • Implement the Department staff mobility policy and approach to success planning and corporate memory management.
  • Take forward the Department’s approach to knowledge management.
  • Implement an internal customer services model.
  • Operationalise the Department’s Programme Management Office approach.
  • Operationalise the Department’s ICT roadmap.