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Derek Green, President, HMI

President’s message

Leo Kearns

Bringing others on the journey

Hospitals fined €1.158 million

The Lord Mayor of Cork received the Subcommittee and Irish hosts in the beautiful Cork City Hall. Back row from left, Members, Adrian Ahern, hosting member, Pierre Wesner, Beda Meyer, Vesna Šendula, Jengić , Nicole Demeter, Klaus Kupfer, (Vice President) and Doris Gillig. Frontt row from left, Gerry O’Dwyer, EAHM President, Cllr. Tony Fitzgerald, Presiding Lord Mayor, Inger Kari Nerheim, President, and Derek Greene, HMI President.

Impatient Leaders

Claire Tafee

Big Lessons from Small Charities

Paddy Burke

The billion Euro man

General Paul Fry

Air ambulances to the rescue


Diary of events

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