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HMI Awards Finalists

Scrolls were presented to four entrants whose projects received a special commendation from the Judges.

They were:

  • Ms. Mary Browne, Dr. Steevens Hospital, Dublin: “Pressure Ulcers to Zero Collaborative.”
  • Ms. Dolores Donegan, NMPD, Ardee and Ms. Siobhan Mc Elearney, Assistant Director Public Health Nursing (ADPHN) Louth Primary Care: “Adapting a LEAN approach to stores supply within a primary care setting.”
  • Ms. Ruth Buckley and Ms. Maureen Flynn, Mater Hospital, Dublin: “Board on Board with Quality of Clinical Care”
  • Dr. Susan Hennessy, Judith McLucas and Caroline Dolan, Galway University Hospital: “MOVE  – Mapping Outpatient and Validation Efficiencies”

The four HMI regions HMI Dublin Mid Leinster, HMI Dublin North East, HMI West and HMI South shortlisted seven finalists to present their projects to the Judging Panel at a function in the Pillar Room in the Rotunda Hospital, Dublin on July 7, where the overall winner was selected.

Jenny Wilson, Sharon Cooley, Patricia O’Gorman, Maura Loftus, Unknown, Elaine Prendergast, Niamh Smyth, Alison Dougall, Mary Forry
Jenny Wilson, Sharon Cooley, Patricia O’Gorman, Maura Loftus, Louise Duggan (Novartis), Elaine Prendergast, Niamh Smyth, Alison Dougall, Mary Forry
The finalists were:
  • Dr. Brian Cleary and Dr. Sharon Cooley, Rotunda Hospital, Dublin: “Thrombacalc – Towards Novel Strategies in the Prevention of Thrombosis.”
  • Dr. Alison Dougall, Dublin Dental University Hospital: “Promoting Improved Access to Dental Care for People Living with Haemophilia in Ireland and Encouraging a Culture of Oral Health Promotion Within the Teams That Treat Them.”
  • Ms. Jennifer Wilson O’Raghallaigh and Ms. Mary Forry, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin: “Better Health, Better Living, Developing the Chronic Disease Self Management Programme at Beaumont Hospital and Through Patient Organisation Partnerships.”
  • Ms. Niamh Smyth, Tallaght Hospital, Dublin: “Introduction of an Electronic Ordering System for Enteral Tube Feeding Products in a Teaching Hospital.”
  • Mr. Paul Balfe, St. Luke’s General Hospital, Kilkenny: “Establishment of the First 24 Hour Direct Acute Surgical Assessment Unit in Ireland with Separation of Emergency and Elective General Surgical Practice.”
  • Ms. Maura Loftus and Ms. Elaine Prendergast, Roscommon Hospital, SAOLTA University Health Care Group: “Regeneration Post Reconfiguration.
  • Ms. Patricia O’Gorman, South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital, Cork: “Setting Up an Acupuncture Service To Treat Radiation-Induced Xerostomia (Dry Mouth) in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer.”
Dr. Eva Lindgren, Eileen Dunne, Ian Maguire, Alison Dougall, Suzanne Dempsey, Eamonn Fitzgerald, Leo Kearns
Dr. Eva Lindgren, Eileen Dunne, Ian Maguire, Alison Dougall, Suzanne Dempsey, Eamonn Fitzgerald, Leo Kearns

The Judging Panel was chaired by Mr. Eamonn Fitzgerald, HMI Council Member and Chief Executive of the Hermitage Medical Clinic.  The other members were: Mr. Leo Kearns, National Lead for Transformation and Change, Office of the Director General, HSE, Ms. Suzanne Dempsey, Director of Nursing, Children’s Hospital Group, Ms. Eileen Dunne, Newscaster, Board Member, St. Vincent’s Hospital, Fairview, Dublin, Dr. Eva Lindgren, Medical Director/Chief Scientific Officer, Novartis Ireland Ltd, and Mr. Ian Maguire, Head of Human Resources, St. Michael’s Hospital (part of the St. Vincent’s Healthcare Group)

HMI Vice President, Ms. Lucy Nugent, Chief Operations Officer at Tallaght Hospital said that the awards were an opportunity to celebrate innovation and positive developments in healthcare. She congratulated all entrants saying the standards were amazing and the Regional Committees and the Judging Panel had an extremely difficult job in selecting the winners. She also thanked Novartis for sponsoring the event.

Dr. Eva Lindgreen, Medical Director/Chief Scientific Officer, Novartis Ireland Ltd said the company was committed to developing, manufacturing and marketing new and innovative medicines in many different areas. It strove to collaborate with healthcare providers in developing patient centred solutions as well as developing medicines. “We feel a commitment and responsibility to every person who uses our medicine. Innovation is the key to the work of Novartis – 20% of our annual turnover goes into research and development,” she said.

Proudly sponsored by Novartis