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President’s Message

Happy Christmas to health service staff 

Derek Greene, President, HMI
Derek Greene, President, HMI

As another year draws to a close, those of us who work in the health service have seen further significant changes as our services have been reconfigured, reshaped and reorganised. Change is now our constant companion. But the true constant in the health service is the quality and dedication of our staff whose support, skill and expertise makes sense of all these changes and ensures that high quality services are delivered to those who need them. This occurs amid a sea of structural and procedural changes.

So to all staff in the health service thank you for your work and for all you have done for patients over the last 12 months. You can be proud; your work has and does make a difference and deserves to be recognised.

We in the Health Management Institute are working to ensure that our Institute keeps apace with the changes afoot, and works closely with our members to help shape and influence, where possible, changes for which will improve our services. Over the past few years we have developed a very successful national annual conference, developed regional committees and activities and brought many interesting and high quality speakers to our meetings. In 2015, we hope to be able to grant CPD points for those who participate in our events, as we continue to develop management competencies and support the continuous professional development of all managers in the health service.

So on behalf of all of the Council of the HMI I would like to thank you for your work and support over the past year and we look forward to working on your behalf to place the Health Management Institute at the centre of all that is good about our service. I would like to wish you and all those who are close to you a happy and peaceful Christmas with every good wish for 2105.

In closing as we finish work this year I would like you to remember our patients, many of whom were like us last year, getting ready for Christmas at home with their loved ones when illness or injury struck and altered their lives significantly. Keeping the patient at the centre of all that we do keeps us focussed, purposeful and helps to ensure that we do the very best at all times for those who most need our services.

Derek Greene
HMI President