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The 2014 Health Management Institute of Ireland’s Annual Conference takes place in the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, at Burlington Road, Dublin on Tuesday, September 23, with an impressive range of national and international speakers.

HMI Annual Conference 2014
HMI Annual Conference 2014

Looking forward to the Conference HMI President Derek Greene said that on the national stage, our health services have remained in the eye of the storm, thus ensuring the constant need for inspiring leaders and professional managers. This year, the theme for the Conference was ‘Leading Healthcare.’ He said leadership and management were complementary, a question of ‘doing things right’, ‘doing the right thing’ and “challenges managers face.” The transformation agenda was already in motion. Our health service needed breakthrough strategies, robust systems and policies and procedures. It also needed the vision of leaders who, in asking ‘where to from here?’ would align the perceptions and behaviours of all stakeholders in the services.

The opening address at the Conference will be given by Kathleen Lynch T.D. Minister of State, Department of Health, withspecial responsibility for primary care, disability, mental health and older people.

Francesca Colombo, Acting Head of Health Division, OECD will discuss “The Future of Healthcare in Europe.”She will examine howIreland’s healthcare system compares with that of other European countries. She will discuss pan-European research undertaken by the Health Division of the OECD which presents a comprehensive analysis of the leading health systems and will inform policy-makers on the effectiveness of alternative strategies.

Leo Kearns, HSE National Lead Transformation and Change will speak on “Transforming the Health Services in Ireland: Vision, Values, Engagement.” With the transformation programme underway within the public health service for some time, he will identify the markers for future success.

Dr. Sarah Barry Research Analyst, Health Policy and Management, Trinity College Dublin will look at“Challenges Managers Face.” There is no doubting the challenges both financial and non-financial confronting health care managers. Utilising recently generated research, Dr. Barry will share her analysis of how those challenges are perceived within the sector. She will consider the impact on managers working in the service.

The second session will be devoted to leadership challenges facing managers and will review the context in which they must operate, balancing the need for day-to day delivery of services with the on-going requirement to review, renew and reinvent healthcare provision for service users.

Dr. Colm Henry National Acute Hospitals, Clinical Advisor and Clinical Programmes Group Lead will speak on “Clinical Leadership: Priorities and Practicalities.” He will discuss high quality care and maintaining consistently high standards of patient safety which remain the kernel of health service provision. He believes leadership and commitment to strong management by clinical directors in this regard are pivotal. He will share insights into the current status of the Clinical Director programme and lessons learned.

Dr. Siobhan O’Halloran, Chief Nursing Officer, Department of Health will speak on “Developing Managers as Results-Based Leaders. She will discuss how effective management of staff incorporates both the day to day management and identification of key areas for future development. She will argue that management and staff can only deliver high levels of performance if equipped with resources, appropriately trained and nurtured, and that prioritising staff development was key in order to retain fully committed and high performing staff in the system.

The afternoon session will look at “Working Together For Success.”

Eamon Fitzgerald Member, HMI Council and Chief Executive, Hermitage Medical Clinic will give an overview of the finalists for the HMI Leaders Award. The winners will be announced at the award ceremony following the conference.

Brian Cody Manager, Kilkenny Senior Hurling Team will examine “Nurturing and Sustaining a Winning Team.” He has seen success from both sides, as a player and manager. A former player with the famous Kilkenny team of the 1970’s, his inter-county career lasted from 1973 until 1986. As manager of the Kilkenny Senior Hurling Team since 1999, he has successfully managed the team enabling them to win numerous titles including nine All Ireland Senior Hurling Championships. He is recognised as a great coach, motivator and team builder.

Tom Lynch, Group Chair, Dublin East Hospitals Group will speak on “Building A Culture For Success.” He will look at the defining features of a culture which underpins success and how shared values and behaviours can be instilled and encouraged to flourish in the midst of the complexities of a national healthcare system.

Dr. Tony O’Connell National Director, Acute Services, HSE will speak on Leadership in System Redesign.” Working under the constraints of shifting demographics, increased service user demand and diminishing financial resources, the development of acute services will require fundamental changes in the way we do things. Recently appointed as National Director, Acute Services, he will outline his vision for the future of acute services and the role of leadership in bringing about systemic change.

This will be followed by a major workshop on governance.Governance has emerged as a critical issue in the organisation and delivery of health services. The establishment of the hospital groups structure has added complexity and uncertainty to governance within the acute services. This workshop will address the issues from both management and service delivery perspectives.

This panel discussion, moderated by Claire Lord, Partner, Hayes, Mason & Curran Solicitors will focus on the issue of governance within the complexities of the new hospital groups structure. Participating will be Eilish Hardiman Group CEO, Children’s Hospital Group, Liam Duffy Chief Executive, Beaumont Hospital and Tom Lynch Group Chair, Dublin East Hospitals Group.

HMI President, Derek Greene will summarise and close the Conference.

Conference Chairs will be Derek Greene and Denis Doherty

For further information visit www.hmi.ie/conference