Managers and clinicians must co-operate


Opening the joint HMI/RCPI seminar on “Leading and Managing in a High Performance Health System,” the President of the HMI, Mr. Richard Dooley said that, now more than ever, it was very important for managers and clinicians to develop a common understanding and language in leading and managing the challenges facing all healthcare professionals.

Richard Dooley, President, HMI
Richard Dooley, President, HMI

He said he was enthused by the HMI’s continuing relationship with the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland and the opportunities it presented for collaboration.

“In 2008, Don Berwick, co-founder of the Institute of Healthcare Management, advised people to forget any divisions between healthcare clinicians and managers and to put patients at the centre of their joint work.

“On the ground in Ireland, managers and clinicians have been working to make this vision a reality. The Clinical Care Programmes are a case in point. The building blocks for success are now firmly in place and it is up to us as professional clinicians and managers to build further.  Today’s seminar, where we will hear how managers and clinicians are working together in an international health care faculty with a leading edge reputation, will enable us to explore further the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead of us.”

Prof. John Crowe, President, RCPI
Prof. John Crowe, President, RCPI

Prof. John Crowe, President of the RCPI, said it was the first time that the RCPI, the HMI and the HSE Quality & Patient Safety Directorate had come together in one meeting.

“These are very important linkages between management and clinical leadership. Patients will always be at the centre of our work but we all need to be working together with a common aim and common language.

“We have a nascent Dublin Academic Medical Centre and the prospect of hospital networks and these two enterprises need the highest levels of co-operation and leadership.”