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Green Award for CUH

The 2011 Green Healthcare award was won by The Children’s University Hospital, Temple Street, Dublin.

CUH won the award for the hospital’s all encompassing holistic approach to environmental management in 2010, particularly in the areas of water, waste and energy.

Green Award Winners
Daragh Anglim, Director of RealEyes Sustainability Ltd, presenting the green healthcare award to Padraig Ryan, Energy Coordinator and Fergus Ashe, Allied Services Manager of the Children's University Hospital, Temple Street, Dublin.

Some highlights included reduction in healthcare risk waste by 11 tonnes, a hospital water usage audit carried out in September 2010, the appointment of an Energy Co-Ordinator with a specific role to improve efficiency and increased patronage of the Cycle to Work scheme by 68 per cent.

Winner, Green Awards 2011The Judges’ citation said that “While the other entries had all tackled energy saving issues, Temple Street stood out for its wider green initiatives – particularly its green travel programme. This has resulted in a high proportion of staff now either cycling or getting public transport to the hospital.” CUH also made it to the top ten of the total 300 entries across 23 categories.

While the other entries had all tackled energy saving issues, Temple Street stood out for its wider green initiatives – particularly its green travel programme

In 2004 CUH, like all hospitals, was obliged to respond to a questionnaire on waste management in hospitals, carried out by the Controller and Auditor General, as part of a value for money examination.  Fergus Ashe, Allied Services Manager at CUH identified the potential for improved recycling at the hospital. At the time only 11 per cent of waste was being recycled. In 2010, CUH achieved the following:

  • Reduction in Healthcare Risk Waste (Clinical) by 11 tonnes. This resulted in a saving of €21,000.
  • Reduction in the number of 770 litre wheelie bins the hospital sent to SRCL for treatment by 14 per cent.
  • In March 2010 the hospital commenced recycling of food waste. This initiative has ensured that 30 tonnes of waste from this waste stream does not enter landfill.
  • Recycling is up five per cent on 2009 and at present the hospital is recycling or recovering 54 per cent of its non risk waste.
  • Clinical Waste – approximately 95 per cent is treated in Ireland and from 2011, 80 per cent of this waste stream will no longer end up in landfill. This waste will be recovered and the energy will be extracted for use in an industrial process in Ireland. In a full year this will mean that we can divert up to 60 tonnes of clinical waste away from landfill.The Children’s University Hospital formed an on site “Commuter Centre” to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles coming to the hospital. The Commuter Centre, branded “Travelways”, is a one stop shop for the commuting needs of staff and visitors. It provides information on access routes, public transport and active commuting as well as managing the hospitals “Travel Plan”. The number using the Tax Save Ticket Scheme is up by five per cent, the Cycle to Work Scheme is up by 68 percent and the numbers cycling to work has increased by eight per cent.

The hospital’s Energy Co-ordinator, Padraig Ryan, also heads up the Green Team – a team of staff from all disciplines which initiates and implements soft measures to save energy in their departments and hospital wide. It is estimated that the Green Team can achieve five to ten percent savings in energy consumption through soft measures in 2011.