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Making the most of the possibilities and opportunities of the new regional structures

This month sees a significant progression in the reorganisation of the Health services in Ireland with the appointment of three of the new Regional...


The return on our investment in healthcare in Ireland might surprise us

Credit where it’s due. The Minister for Health announced recently that a dedicated paediatric spinal surgery unit is to be set up here. That...

Believing in our potential will make a difference in patient safety

As we contemplate the challenges facing healthcare delivery in the year ahead, we can become daunted by the enormity of the wicked problem of...


Leadership: Creating a healthcare system for innovation and consistent and effective communication

Dr Claudine Kearney (Senior Lecturer and Programme Director) RCSI Graduate School of Healthcare Management. There have been many unprecedented challenges within healthcare over the last...

Positive Health

The Science of Health and Happiness – For You

The Centre for Positive Health Sciences at RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences has launched an updated and enriched version of its acclaimed...



Patient Safety

A book that should be in the pocket of every healthcare manager, doctor, nurse and allied professional

Ever since the start of the quality improvement movement, following the publication of Crossing the Quality Chasm at the turn of the century, the...

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RCSI publishes roadmap for sustainability in surgery

A roadmap for reducing the carbon footprint of surgery in Ireland, while at the same time ensuring delivery of safe and effective surgical care,...

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