Paracetamol and ibuprofen medicines most associated with queries to Poisons Centre


Paracetamol and ibuprofen were the medicines most associated with queries to the National Poisons Information Centre of Ireland centre in 2021, according to their annual report for the year.

The NPIC said that of particular note in 2021, was am increase in calls about reed diffusers, which were relatively new household items that could cause toxicity if ingested or with skin or eye exposures. 

Fabric cleaning agents, hand cleanser and disinfectants were amongst other products identified, with a total of 3,525 queries received relating to household products.  

The year 2021 saw a 4.6% decrease in enquiries when compared to 2020, totalling 11,145 enquiries over the course of the year.  June and September 2021 were the busiest months of the year with over 1,000 queries each month. 

The report said 59.8% of poisoning enquiries related to children aged 14 years and younger, this figure represented an 8% reduction in poisoning enquiries related to children of this age range from the previous year.

The NPIC is responsible for providing information to healthcare professionals, to assist them in the management of acute poisoning. The Centre also run the Public Poisons Information Line for members of the public who are concerned about accidental poisoning.

Dr Edel Duggan, Clinical Director of the NPIC said, The Public Poisons Information Line is available 7 days a week between 8am and 10pm for queries from the public, aimed at parents, where we can rapidly advise if you need to seek urgent medical attention for your child. Outside of these hours parents should contact their GP service or a hospital emergency department. Contact the Public Poisons Information Line on (01) 809 2166.