Patient income dropped 20% in 2020


The HSE received revenue funding from the DoH of €19.451 billion for the provision of health and social care services in 2020. 

This included the allocation in 2020 of once off net additional funding in excess of NSP 2020 funded levels of €2.329 million. 

Of this funding received, €2.129 million was to cover 2020 COVID-19 costs in addition to €200 million for Winter Plan funding. 

In addition, time related savings related to reduced activity levels in core services and planned developments, allowed an additional €162 million to be allocated in the year to offset COVID-19 costs, bringing the total allocated to the cost of the COVID-19 pandemic to €2.291 million in 2020.

Prior to the pandemic the HSE was spending €15 million a year on PPE. In 2020, the HSE’s expenditure on PPE was over €900 million

Patient income during the year dropped by 20% from €408.249 million to €328.549 million.