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EAHM 2019 – A unique experience

The 28th congress of the European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) takes place in Ghent in Belgium from September 11 – 14.

The theme of the congress is “Innovative Healthcare Strategies,” and twenty five national associations and healthcare leaders from around Europe and beyond are scheduled to attend.

They include 500 hospital managers, directors, clinicians, health academics and industry professionals and innovators, as well as Members of Parliament, policy makers and stakeholders.

Health managers are invited to submit hospital projects for the 2019 Congress Innovation Award. Closing date for submissions is June 29. http://eahm2019.eu/page/abstracts

“With innovation and transformation at the forefront of the agenda of all healthcare stakeholders we have completely reviewed and redesigned the congress concept”, says Danny Havenith, congress organiser. “It will be an exciting and inspirational setting for us to meet, learn and share knowledge, experience and expertise on the transition to digital healthcare, with robust strategies, infrastructure and facilities in place to continue offering high quality and safe care in a sustainable way. The congress will bring together the leaders of today and tomorrow to shape the future of healthcare.”

He said they had opted for a dynamic formula rather than a conventional, static formula where presentations were given one after the other in a single auditorium.

“In fact, Belgium can boast of being part of the countries that provide the best health care in the world and to have first rate hospitals. We therefore decided to showcase this asset of which we are proud by bringing the participants to visit two hospitals of their choice from among the six proposed, within a 50-kilometre radius around Ghent: Chirec, AZ Maria Middelares, AZ Delta, AZ Groeninge, AZ Zeno and the Antwerp University Hospital (UZA). In each hospital, you will first be given a presentation on a specific topic, followed by a roundtable with discussion and finally a themed visit of the institution.”

The congress will be geared to six topical themes, according to Professor Pascal Verdonck, who is the scientific officer of the congress “Each hospital will present one of the six themes we have selected – Smart Building & Logistics, Healing Architecture, Innovation & Technology, Big data & Digital Health, Finance & Health – Economics, Health Management & Governance & Ethics.”

The organisers say the congress will be international multidisciplinary forum providing the opportunity to exchange knowledge and best practices and become acquainted with the key values of the association and the conference – leadership, excellence, open-mindedness and friendship.

The EAHM is one of the world’s largest hospital management associations, representing over 16,000 individual members.