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European health managers share learning in Dublin

European healthcare professionals from 24 countries will gather in Dublin next month to share their professional learning and experiences when the Health Management Institute of Ireland hosts the Agora conference of HOPE (the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation).

HOPE Agora 2017
HOPE Agora 2017

The conference – which is open to all health managers – will take place in Trinity College, Dublin from June 11 – 13.

One of HOPE’s key activities is a four week training programme for healthcare managers and other professionals with managerial responsibilities. Healthcare professionals from each of the 24 HOPE countries participate in a four week exchange programme where they complete a training schedule focused on innovative projects in healthcare in a host country. The training culminates in the Agora event where participants from all 24 countries share their learning.

During the Agora, HMI will welcome 180 European colleagues to Dublin. Most will be participants in the HOPE Exchange Programme which runs from mid May and finishes with the Agora event.

On Day one of the Agora, an engaging and diverse speaker panel will address the participants on the theme of the Agora “Innovation in hospitals and healthcare.”

The Minister for Health will a deliver a keynote address to participants.

The Agora is open to non-exchange participants. It is an excellent development opportunity for people wishing to learn about the latest thinking and practice within different sectors of healthcare across Europe.

Those who wish to attend and can book and pay online. The two day event costs €175 for non-HOPE participants.

Learn more about Hope Agora 2017 on http://www.hope-agora.eu.

HMI looks forward to seeing many health managers at the Agora. Those who have any queries about the event, email the HMI office at info@hmi.ie.