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HMI to provide national leadership for managers

Health Management Institute President, Mr. Derek Greene said the HMI’s ambition was to be active and influential in every healthcare institution in the country, when he spoke at the opening of the Institute’s 3rd Annual Conference in the Gresham Hotel, Dublin on Monday, October 7.

Help us achieve a tobacco free Ireland

Department of Health Secretary General, Dr. Ambrose McLoughlin appealed to all health managers present to commit to achieving a tobacco free Ireland as soon as possible, when he performed the official opening of the 3rd HMI Annual Conference.

Patients driving healthcare

Patient experience is now the biggest driver for healthcare, Prof. Dame Donna Kinnair. Clinical Director, Emergency Medicine, BHRUT Hospital (Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust) told the Conference.

HSE finance priority

His priority was to implement a common integrated financial management system across the HSE, Mr. Tom Byrne, Chief Financial Officer of the HSE told the Conference.

Poor quality care costs more

It was important that in looking at the health services, we should ground ourselves and recognise the central theme that although care costs, poor quality care costs more and patient safety was paramount in the health services, Mr. Tony O’Brien, Director General of the HSE told the Conference.

Recruit the best and train them

We must identify and develop a pool of potential successors for senior management roles and we need to invest in our people to ensure they are equipped to implement the large scale change required to manage the transition in structures and services following the dissolution of the HSE, Mr. Bill Maher, Group Chief Executive, West/North West Hospital Group told the Conference.

Fears Mid Staffs type event could happen again

A Health Service Journal Leadership survey had shown that while safety and reducing harm and delivering integrated care were stated priorities, 50 per cent of respondents were not confident that a Mid Staffs type event would not happen, Ms. Shirley Cramer, CBE. Chief Executive, Institute of Healthcare Management and the Royal Society for Public Health told the Conference.

Science provides jobs and money for Ireland

Science Foundation Ireland has an annual budget of €150 million and provides a research ‘engine’ of 3,000 people, led by 500 leading scientists, Prof. Mark Ferguson, SFI Director General, and Chief Scientific Adviser to the Irish Government told the Conference.

IHAI seeks role in UHI design

The Independent Hospitals Association of Ireland agreed with the principle of Universal Health Insurance, but was concerned that there had been no engagement of the independent sector in the design or planning of the scheme to date, Ms. Catherine Whelan, Chief Executive of the IHAI told the Conference.

A revolution in Irish healthcare

The HSE National Clinical Programmes had nationalised existing best practice, engaged patients, aligned stakeholders, implemented vital new services, reduced the length of hospital stay, cut waiting lists and saved considerable amounts of money, Dr. Aine Carroll, National Director, Clinical Strategy & Programmes, HSE, told the Conference

Most care should be in primary system

A key HSE priority was that greater than 90 per cent of health care should be provided in primary care systems, Mr. John Hennessy, HSE National Director Primary Care, told the Conference.

Refocusing health service challenges

The key challenges facing the Irish Health Services can be refocused into determining exactly how patient care delivery can be moved from being predominantly...

From segregation to inclusion

Mr. Pat Healy, HSE National Director, Social Care, set out his vision in three years time for services for older people and people with disabilities, when he addressed the Conference.

Conference participants

Those who participated in the Conference included Ms. Geraldine Regan, Deputy Chief Executive/Director of Nursing, Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin, Dublin, Dr. Deirdre Madden, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University College Cork and Mr. Leo Kearns, HSE National Lead for Transformation and Change.

Conference sponsors

HMI would like to thank all their sponsors for their contribution to the 3rd Annual Conference.

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