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President’s Message

I want to make a plea for reality as we enter the Service Plan process for 2013.

We must move away from the control paradigm

HMI President, Mr. Richard Dooley urged that we must “move away from the control paradigm that has evolved and that is in danger of making technocrats of people who joined the health services primarily to foster positive health strategies and deliver positive health outcomes to the communities that we serve”, when he opened the Institute’s 2nd National Conference in Dublin. Maureen Browne reports.

Managers should have training and support

Health managers did not receive the kind of training and support which consultants did and this must be changed, Health Minister, Dr. James Reilly, T.D., said when he addressed the HMI National Conference. Maureen Browne reports.

Secretary General supports managers’ professional development

In a very significant address, Dr. Ambrose McLoughlin, the Secretary General of the Department of Health said he wanted to assure the HMI and health managers of the full support of the Department for the professional development of managers, when he addressed the HMI National Conference. Maureen Browne reports.

‘We will devolve as much power as possible’

Mr. Tony O’Brien, Acting Chief Executive of the HSE and the Director General Designate told the HMI Conference that his aim was to devolve as much power as possible within the health system. Maureen Browne reports.

New hospital groups report out shortly

Recommendations on the composition and number of the new hospital groups and their relationship to the university sector would be brought to the Minister for Health within the next few weeks, Prof. John Higgins, Chair of the Hospital Group Strategic Board, which was tasked last June to come up with these recommendations, told the HMI Conference. Maureen Browne reports.

The chance of being harmed in healthcare

Global statistics show that those who access healthcare have a one in 300 chance of being harmed, Dr. Tracey Cooper, Chief Executive, HIQA and acting Chief Inspector of Social Services told the HMI Conference, Maureen Browne reports.

Are we spending our health money wisely?

Ireland - which was spending more money as a proportion of GDP on the public health system than any other country in the world except for the USA - had to ask itself if this money was being spent wisely and if we were getting good value for this expenditure, Dr. Peter Lachman, Deputy Medical Director, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, NHS Trust, told the HMI Conference. Maureen Browne reports.

Challenges faced in the English health service

New proposals in the health service in England would push the majority of all health service commissioning through GP commissioning groups, with the remainder going to a national commissioning board which would commission high specialty services, Mr. Stuart Bain, Chief Executive, East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust, told the HMI Conference. Maureen Browne reports.

Irish health insurance market is in crisis

The Irish health insurance market is in crisis – over 100,000 people (the vast majority between 25 and 34) have cancelled their insurance policies over the last 21 months, there have been huge increases in the cost of claims and we have no idea how much the government will increase public hospital charges or the insurance levy in the December budget, Mr. Dermot Goode of Cornmarket Group Financial Services told the HMI Conference. Maureen Browne reports.

Pictured at the HMI 2nd Annual Conference

Over 250 health managers packed the 2nd HMI Annual Conference in the Gresham Hotel, Dublin.

News from around your health services

Alex White appointed to Primary Care A new role for hospital managers Minister to make recommendation on hospital site Dr. Barry White returns to clinical practice New VHI appointments €1.25million research network New HIQA guidance for managers Increased demand for post abortion care Palliative Care Education Fellowships Fund Interim Chief Operations Officer, Children & Family Service Temple Street Chief Executive

Staff may have to work more hours

The possibility that health service staff might be asked to work additional hours for a restricted period, was raised by Mr. Brian Kirwan, newly appointed Interim Chief Operations Officer, Children & Family Service and until recently, head of the HSE’s Corporate Employee Relations, when he addressed the HMI Dublin Mid-Leinster Forum, Maureen Browne reports.

Using our money more appropriately and more effectively

We all have a vested interest in Tony O’Brien succeeding; our health service is urgently in need of major reform and if he is successful in achieving improvements we will all benefit. I wish him well; it isn’t going to be easy, writes Denis Doherty.

We are all for ‘high performance’

Health manager, ’Laurence Nightingale’ takes a look at ‘high-performance’ in a health sector context.

Diary of events

Health managers may be interested in these events.

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