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Professional qualification for managers

Managers in the Irish health services will now be able to attain a nationally accredited qualification in management being run in four regions around the country.

Managers willing to consider changing working hours

One hundred per cent of senior health service managers would be willing to consider changing their own working hour arrangements, for example, an extended day, weekend working or extended week, according to a HMI survey

Reader’s Offer Management Briefs book

Management briefs are short, insightful books for busy managers who want a practical, step-by-step guides rather than academic texts. Health Manager Journal is offering an introductory readers discount.

Reader’s Offer H1N1 DVDs

H1N1 is once again presenting a challenge for everyone operating within our healthcare system. It is well understood that training may prove to be...

The limitations of management theories

The massive organisational failures which brought Ireland’s financial system to its knees, occurred in organisations stuffed with MBAs and utilising every management tool from strategic analysis to 360˚ feedback, writes Conor Hannaway

Coaching: Helping you to help yourself!

If this is going to be another year of inaction, why not consider being coached to help you get more out of the life you want to lead, writes Keith McCarthy

Implications of the privacy legislation

The public has the right to expect that their private information will be safeguarded and protected when it is given to those who deliver health services, writes Prof. Jane Grimson

New HSE investigative process

A first draft of a new HSE investigation process has now been developed, Cora McCaughan, Chair of the HSE Investigation Process Working Group (IPWG) told a recent HRMF Forum

Going Lean in the HSE

Carole Broadbank writes about the lean journey which has been started in South Tipperary General Hospital

Lean Leadership

Maureen Browne describes how senior leaders, partners, GPs, the local authority and patient representative organisations worked together to design a new organisation focusing much more on transformational activity along the whole end-to-end pathway with a much bigger focus on population health.

A Kaizen event in Tallaght

Mary Hickey explains how “lean” helped to improve the flow in the Trauma Orthopaedics OPD Department, in the Adelaide & Meath incorporating the National Children’s Hospital in Tallaght.

Financial impact of new technology

Budget Impact Analysis (BIA) guidelines will provide health service managers who have to make hard decisions with the best possible information on the best use of healthcare resources, writes Dr. Mάirίn Ryan.

Seismic change for Dublin voluntary hospitals

A seismic change is underway in the structures of Dublin voluntary hospitals, with moves to establish Academic Health Centres (AHCs), new groupings and mergers between voluntary hospitals themselves and between voluntary hospitals and HSE hospitals in Dublin and in the wider eastern area

Over 2,000 exit the health services

A total of 2,003 staff exited the health service at the end of December, via the Government’s early retirement and voluntary severance packages. Of these, 641 took early retirement and 1,362 took voluntary severance.

Director of Risk, Quality & Clinical Care

Dr. Philip Crowley has been appointed as the HSE’s new National Director of Risk, Quality and Clinical Care

Children and Family Services’ Chief

Mr. Gordon Jeyes has been appointed by the HSE as the new National Director for Children and Family Services.

The HMI Christmas dinner

The HMI Annual Christmas Dinner took place in McKee Barracks in Dublin.

President’s Message

We must develop management science capability

Unlocking HMI potential

The HMI is undertaking a major re-structuring which will point the Institute in a new direction in terms of serving its members, writes HMI President, Richard Dooley

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