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How we should be managing the HSE

If you can get people excited about selling Heinz beans, you can get them excited about delivering health care.

HMI President launches APEX Tracker, its new Performance Management System

The new APEX Tracker which has been developed specifically for use in the Irish health services can be used as an everyday tool to plan, monitor and control a myriad of performance goals across the organisation as it focuses on the dynamics of performance as well as data collection.

Cork Reconfiguration

A team of advanced paramedics has joined the HSE South Ambulance Service in West Cork and are now responding to emergency calls in the region.

How managers can increase their personal effectiveness

Keith McCarthy gives you tips and tools on how to manage your time and increase your personal effectiveness.

Managers must have self-belief and self-confidence

Bernadette Kiely examines whether managing in turbulent times is a threat or an opportunity.

President’s Message

Repositioning the health services to realise OECD objectives.

Capable and daring managers can shape the future

Post-partnership challenges.

News from around the health services

New Chief Executive for the Eye & Ear Hospital. HMI signs Memo of Understanding with HRMF. Mater-Smithfield Rapid Injury Clinic. New Deputy Chief Executive/Head of Operations of Beaumont Hospital in Dublin. New General Manager of the Louth/Meath group of hospitals.

The new HSE Integrated Services Directorate

At the heart of the establishment of the HSE Integrated Services Directorate is a performance contract which defines expectations regarding deliverables by the regional teams, writes Conor Hannaway.

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