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New CPD Certificate Programme

HSE Organisation Development – Change and Innovationhas developed a new CPD Certificate Programme (12points) – Delivering Change in Health ServicesThe CPD Certificate programme is a collaboration between HSE Organisation Development – Change and Innovation and the RCSI Institute of Leadership (RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences).  

The CPD Certificate is underpinned and supported by the Health Services Change Guide and associated e-learning programme on HSeLanD. Completion of the e-learning programme is a prerequisite to advancing to the CPD Certificate programme.

Once you have completed the e-learning programme you are encouraged to identify a change challenge within your service and apply the learning, knowledge, skills and tools to your service improvement, in collaboration with your service manager and team colleagues. The application of learning to your change challenge can take place over nine months from completion of the e-learning programme. You are then required to complete a Learning Review Template which demonstrates how you applied your learning in practice and how you engaged with your service/team. To apply for the CPD Certificate and 12 CPD Points you need to submit the following documentation:

  • Completed Learning Review Template
  • Completed Verification Form signed and dated by the Applicant and Line Manager
  • Service/date stamp located on the Verification Form or submission made on recognised headed paper
  • Copy/scan of your eLearning Programme Certificate of Completion from HSeLanD (must be within nine months of the application)

Submission dates are the February 1, May 1 or  October 1 yearly and your application is submitted to Elaine.Birkett@hse.ie

Following verification your CPD Certificate will be issued to you by RCSI Institute of Leadership/HSE Organisation Development – Change and Innovation. Please contact us at 046 9251466 if you have any questions on the process.

The CPD Certificate – Delivering Change in Health Services is available to allhealthcare personnel who wish to develop as change leaders and to lead their teams to introduce innovative practices to deliver better outcomes for service users.  It welcomes everyone in health and social care including community and voluntary sectors – nurses and midwives, medical staff, health and social care professionals, business/administrative professionals, leaders and managers, frontline staff and academic faculties. This programme supports professional development within health and social care services.  It will also be of interest to change and improvement practitioners and will complement the people approaches for all who currently practice quality improvement, project approaches. 

Website: https://www.hse.ie/changeguide

Email: changeguide@hse.ie / Elaine.Birkett@hse.ie

Twitter: @HSEchange_guide