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274 organ transplants in 2019

There were 274 organ transplants performed in Ireland in 2019.

Of these, 153 were kidney transplants, 66 liver transplants, 38, lung transplants, 15 heart transplants and two pancreas transplants.

Organs were donated by 110 donors, of whom 85 were deceased and 25 were living donors.
Professor Jim Egan, Director of Organ Donation and Transplant Ireland said, “We are pleased to see the rate of organ donation and transplant in 2019 remain in line with last year. Organ donation continues to be a rare event; of 31,000 deaths each year in Ireland, we see an average of 80 multi organ donations per annum. This continues to reflect positively on the generosity of Irish society and the professionalism of the intensive care, surgical teams, medical and nursing staff who look after patients and their families.’’